Recipe: Fried fresh shell

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried fresh shell



  1. Wash the fresh shellfish (preferably the big one), use the kitchen paper to absorb the water, wrap the bacon slices along the round shape, and fix it with a toothpick.

  2. Frying pan (preferably non-stick pan) heat, turn into a small fire, put a small amount of oil, put the fresh shellfish, only fry the upper and lower sides, the wrapped bacon slices are only fried on the upper and lower sides, probably fried on each side Seven to eight minutes until the fresh shell is fully cooked, the time should be adjusted according to the size and firepower of the fresh shell used.

  3. The fried fresh scallops are served in the plate, and the raw pots are cut into pieces of green scallions, potatoes, and other vegetables, and the frying in the pot is a good side dish.

  4. Put a large spoon of sour in the food processor

  5. Cream (may be replaced by mayonnaise), one onion, two parsley, a few cooked American almonds (also not added), salt and black pepper

  6. Cover the lid of the food processor, start the low-end, and slowly add 30 ml of olive oil from the feeding port, wait until all the ingredients are broken and mixed, shut down, and bring out the sauce.


1, the fresh shells we usually buy are frozen, must be cooked thoroughly to eat, so it is best to use non-stick pan when frying, slow-cooked until fully cooked, especially a large fresh shell, fried to brown The look is very attractive. 2, if there is no bacon, you can also use it. The taste of fresh shellfish is simpler and more delicious. 3, if there is water in the process of frying, you can pour some, and then go back when you make vegetables. 4, people who like the taste of olive oil, can put a little more when making sauce, but be careful, olive oil is also oil, but also fat. 5, do not like too heavy onion, you can only put onion leaves, not scallion.

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