Recipe: Fried fragrant bud

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried fragrant bud


The first recipe, I want to deal with the next color, I feel that it is not true after the treatment, give up



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Remove the citron root and wash it clean

    Remove the citron root and wash it clean

  2. Water simmer, remove the fragrant feeling, too cold

  3. Eggs into the bowl, add a little water, stir evenly, add salt, starch, stir into a paste

  4. Hot oil, until there is a bubble coming out from the bottom of the pot, turn to a small fire

  5. Put the citron into the egg starch solution and wrap it in the oil pan. The citron will float for about 5 seconds.


The recipes are written very literately. I want to say something to the heroes who wrote the recipe in detail: I admire it!

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