Recipe: Fried foie gras sushi

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried foie gras sushi


It’s still the foie gras bought by the director’s family.



  1. The practice is actually very simple, it is the combination of rice + fried foie gras

  2. Cook the rice well, sprinkle a little white vinegar, salt, sugar and mix well.

  3. Goose liver (the house I bought), take out a little black pepper on both sides, do not put oil in the pot, fry the surface of the foie gras

  4. The rice is kneaded into a dough, and the amount of water is sticked to the front of the hand, so that it is not easy to stick, and the fried foie gras is cut into pieces that are almost as long as the rice balls, and the surface is squeezed with the amount of barbecue sauce.

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