Recipe: Fried flower bud

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried flower bud


I think that the flower garden is the cheapest seafood. Hotly fried a large pot, the family around to eat, you can drink, delicious soup can also be bibimbap, no better!



  1. The flower buds that were bought back were thoroughly sprinkled with fine sand; ginger slices, garlic chopped, and green onions cut into sections.

  2. Pour oil into the hot pot, not too much. When the oil is 7 minutes hot, pour in the ginger and sauté the garlic, then pour it into the flower bud.

  3. After the flower simmered in the pot, stir fry, add a little bit of salt, continue to fry; when the flower buds open slightly, pour into the soy sauce, cooking wine, and continue to fry.

  4. Stir fry the soup in the pot gradually, when each calyx is half-open, pour in oyster sauce and sugar, stir fry evenly.

  5. Finally, the chopped green onion can be put on the plate.


1. Buy the flower buds as much as possible for the night, and the time will be long so that the sand will spit clean. 2. When you are frying, you should pay attention to the time is not too long, it is not very delicious when you are old. 3. Students who like peppers can add other spicy foods. My family doesn't eat spicy food very much, so I don't feel very spicy. 4. The flower bud itself is a bit salty. I like a little soup so I put a little salt. You must only put a little salt, otherwise it will be too salty.

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