Recipe: Fried flower

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried flower


I don't know what this shell is called. It looks like a flower. I know the welcome to correct it~ haha~



  1. Hot pot oil ~ under the minced garlic and pepper ~ then the flower armor ~ keep sizzling to make it evenly heated ~ slowly ~ the flower one will open the shell ~ open the armor with a spatula up a little ~ let alsorThe armor that didn't open the mouth continued to heat in the center of the fire~ until all the flowers were long-shelled and then chopped green onion~ stir fry a few times~rAmount of sand tea sauce ~ (l with personal taste as appropriate) starch plusrAfter the water, you can hook it up~ If you want more soup, you can add more water and less starch. If you want thicker, you can drink less starch.rWhile stirring the starch slowly, mix the wet starch and the flower evenly.


The fried flower armor is not salted~ because the flower itself is salty~ The practice has been described as a bit messy~ everyone can see it~嘻嘻~

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