Recipe: Fried fish cake with artemisia

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried fish cake with artemisia



  1. Washed cut pieces of Artemisia argyi, fish cake carrot cut, garlic mince

  2. Pour the minced garlic into the artemisia sinensis and use chopsticks to disperse it. (In the case of guiding Lao Wu, I first poured the artemisia.)

  3. Pour in the fish cake again. (I saw it in Huashan Huayuan two days ago, I got a small piece to buy)

  4. Pour carrots

  5. Stir-fried with chopsticks. (俺 chopsticks are flying in the dance)

  6. Pour in the high soup stock (soup: put some salt, a small amount of chicken and add some water and mix well, wait until the soup is cold and add some white wine instead of yellow wine)

  7. Then use chopsticks to sauté for 20 seconds.

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