Recipe: Fried fish balls

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried fish balls


Going to the supermarket is always impulsive to buy fish balls, in addition to fish balls, seaweed soup fried and eat is not bad, the mother invented ~



  1. Onion ginger shredded

  2. Onion shredded, green pepper cut

  3. Fish balls are cut into four pieces each

  4. Under the hot oil, the fish balls are cooked, and the surface is almost discolored. In the middle and small fires, the fire will soon be smeared.

  5. Hot oil under the onion ginger shabu-shabu, into the Pixian County watercress saute. After the onion is fried, the green pepper is placed. After frying, stir fry the fish balls and add a little sugar to taste. Bean paste or spicy sauce is very salty, plus a lot of fish balls have a salty taste, no need to put extra salt, if the sauce is less or the fish balls are light, you can add a little seasoning before the pan.

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