Recipe: Fried fish

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried fish


The first time I fried the fish so successfully



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: First dry the pot without water, pour the oil

    First dry the pot without water, pour the oil

  2. Wait for the oil to heat up, pour the fish in, fry the same half-fried, remember not to turn the fish, turn it off, patience, etc.

  3. You can rotate the pot properly so that it can be fried to a whole fish.

  4. Make sure that the fried side is not sticky and you can fry the other side. After frying, put the fish on the plate.

  5. Then put the ginger onion and stir-fry, put the fish down.

  6. Add water to make them boil, add soy sauce and wait for him to collect the juice.

  7. Is it perfect?


Tips: When frying fish, remember not to flip face, be patient.

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