Recipe: Fried fish

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried fish


When I was in the 30th year of the New Year, the old man reported to me in frustration. The big yellow croaker smashed one side. Isn't the fish bought badly? I comforted her not to worry, telling her that no matter how fried it is, her family can burn her complete fish, so that the "Year of the Year" on the New Year's Eve dinner will be beautiful. Every year, my mother-in-law is always anxious for the New Year's Eve. After the holiday, I don't have a holiday. I have to work overtime at 3 o'clock. I sometimes have to work overtime until 5 o'clock. It is really late for the New Year's Eve, but now the New Year's Eve is a holiday. , busy for a long time, in addition to the sauce should be done in advance, the leek can not do it! . But my mother-in-law is in a hurry. I arrived home at 11 o'clock. She has already fried the big yellow croaker in the evening. I don't dare to blame the old lady too much. In fact, when I come to fry fish, I can't delay it. The old lady is still not convinced. "The next one is to fry..." The old lady said that we bought two large yellow croakers on the day of the year, and it was a good meal for the whole year. Come and eat, of course, as expected, the second fish I fry two sides of the yellow, one no sticky pot, two no loose meat, hehe! Fried fish, but my masterpiece!



  1. After the fish is cleaned up, use the kitchen towel to dry the fish body, hang it up and dry it, rub it once every 2 or 3 minutes, because the water in the fish body will seep on the skin.

  2. Rub it repeatedly for about 4 or 5 times until the fish skin no longer seeps, or the interval between water seepage becomes longer

  3. Before preparing to cook, use a little dry flour on both sides of the fish. Dry flour is very important in the process of frying fish. Its role is to absorb water, and secondly, it can promote the fish skin to coke as soon as possible, so that it will not simmer, but we must pay attention to two points: not to shoot more, more The taste is worse, and it is easy to paste; if you want to master this amount, try to fry a few times and find out.

  4. Put the wok into the oil and burn it to 80% heat. The firepower is medium and small fire. Gently slide the fish body into the wok, then turn the wok continuously, try to let the oil soak the whole body of the fish, and also make the wok not overheated. And become more evenly heated. At this time, you will obviously feel that the fish body and the pot are completely detached. You can slide it freely in the pot, fry for about 5 to 7 minutes, and then turn it over for another 3 or 5 minutes.


Many people have a headache for frying fish. In fact, we need to know the reason why fried fish is a sticky pot. We know how to avoid sticking the pan when frying fish. In fact, one of the main reasons for fried fish stick pan is that the fish is too wet, because the pot of the family is small and the firepower is not strong enough. The fish is heated unevenly after the pot is placed, and the water is large, so the temperature is high. The skin is scorched, and the water with a low temperature cooks the skin. The tension of the skin becomes uneven. When you move it, it will stick to the pan; plus someone has an urgency to open the fire to the maximum, many home cooking. The quality of the pot is not good, the heat is uneven, and the temperature at the bottom of the pot is the highest. As a result, the part is pasted with a stick. Another reason is that the fish is not fresh and the meat is loose, so it is easy to fry. One said that the fried fish sticks to the pan, the professional chef will steal the music, his stove professional, his pot professional, good fire pot, put more oil, the fish swims twice in the even oil temperature, all the golden coke Crisply out of the pot, we have no conditions! Therefore, many people are pondering their own tricks at home. In fact, I used to fry fish in the past, and I also read books and watch TV tricks. I finally summed up my own method of frying fish. First of all, I said that the ginger pot, I did not understand the principle of this trick, I do not know whether it is a chemical or physical effect, in short, as long as no other improvements, the effect of the ginger before the fried fish is really not significant, or will stick . Some people say, put more oil? I don't think so, let's put a pot of oil in the small cooking pot. Still not a big fish? That is to say, can the oyster sauce that has been fried over the fish be reused? Not a bad thing! There is also a kind of fried fish wrapped in egg liquid. This trick I tried, sometimes quite spiritual, but my mother-in-law is wrapped in egg liquid and deducted. My feet, solve the problem must grasp the main contradiction, the front of the most common reason is that the water is too big, it is easy, 咱 咱 鱼 鱼 鱼 刮 刮 刮 刮 刮 刮 刮 刮 鱼 鱼 鱼 鱼 鱼 鱼 鱼 鱼 鱼 鱼 鱼 鱼 鱼 鱼 鱼 鱼 鱼 鱼 鱼 鱼Sometimes I hang on the balcony for a night, take it and fry again, how is it fried, 100% non-stick pan. However, some people have said that it is okay to hang out in the winter, and the spring and autumn are also okay. Isn’t the fish in the summer stinking? Besides, the drying time is too long. Not only the fish skin is dry, but the fish is also dried. It tastes bad and the taste is worse. Also, come to the guests, the fish I am catching from the supermarket, I will soon go to the pot, can't wait... It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter, let's get a quick-drying method! You can fry the fish in 15 minutes, and fry in 15 minutes! However, you may have to work diligently!

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