Recipe: Fried eggs with chives and fresh shrimps

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried eggs with chives and fresh shrimps


[Source] Labrador fish (a little change) Related to the yellow net extract - 韭 yellow is a product of softening cultivation and turning yellow of leeks. The leek is isolated from the light and grows completely in the dark. Because there is no sunlight supply, it can not produce photosynthesis, synthetic chlorophyll, and the grown amaranth will turn yellow, which is called "yellow yellow". It is better to buy the leaves without wilting, decay, and no green. The quality of amaranth is best in early spring, followed by late autumn and the worst in summer. Eating in the spring is good for the liver. The glutinous yellow contains dietary fiber, which can promote bowel movements; it also contains a certain amount of carotene, which is beneficial to the eyes and human immunity; its taste is spicy and can promote appetite; and it contains a variety of minerals and is a nutritious vegetable. From the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, sputum has the effect of strengthening stomach, refreshing and warming; it has a soothing effect on postpartum nursed back to health and physical discomfort. The general population can eat. People with yin deficiency, eye disease and gastrointestinal weakness should not eat more.



  1. Cut the yellow scallions, cut the onions and spare

  2. Beat the eggs together with white wine, salt, and white pepper

  3. Heat the oil in the pot and add the egg into the quiche (you can also stir it)

  4. Put the oil into the pot and fry the shrimp

  5. Into the Yellow Section, stir fry for about 1 minute

  6. Tear the egg cake into small pieces and add a little salt and stir fry with the soy sauce.


Originally, I wanted to put the quiche on the bottom of the plate and put the yellow shrimp on it. As a result, the egg cake was big, and the fried shrimp and shrimp were less fried, so the egg biscuits were shredded together with the stir fry, huh, huh. The sassafras are easy to cook, stir-fry for 1 minute, and up to 2 minutes.

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