Recipe: Fried eggs with chives

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried eggs with chives



  1. 2. Dissolve the eggs, add 2-3 tablespoons of starch water, a few drops of cooking wine, stir and mix for use; after the pot is hot, slide the oil, refill the oil and heat it. After the egg liquid, quickly stir into small eggs with chopsticks. The egg is bigger, the egg liquid is put into the pot and allowed to stand for solidification and then stirred.

  2. 4. Wash the yellow and red peppers. Cut the yellow stalks and cut the red peppers. After the pot is hot, fill the oil, and the fire will sauté the red pepper, stir fry the scallions, and mix in the appropriate amount of salt.

  3. 6. The next seven mature egg pieces are fried in a wok, seasoned with a little soy sauce, stir fry a few pots and pans.


1. Add a small amount of water starch and cooking wine to the beaten egg liquid, which can not only remove the astringency of the egg, but also make it yellow and soft; 2. After the wok is hot, slide the oil to make the oil evenly spread over the inner wall of the pot, pour the oil out and then fry the eggs to avoid darkening of the eggs. 3. When the egg liquid is poured into the pot, do not pile it into a pile and pour it directly into the center of the pot. Use the way of winding it to spread it and then stir it quickly. The egg liquid can be shortened evenly when heated, and the fried egg is naturally oil. It is bright and bright, and it will not be hard and dry.

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