Recipe: Fried eggplant with tomatoes

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried eggplant with tomatoes


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  1. Round eggplant with a diameter of about 15cm is peeled and cut into strips. It is recommended to cut the dots.

  2. Teacup-sized tomato, preferably soft, peeled or chopped

  3. Sliced ​​green pepper, sliced ​​garlic

  4. Add appropriate amount of cooking oil to the pot, add the eggplant and chopped green onion until the oil is cooked.

  5. The eggplant is slightly discolored, and the volume is reduced. Add the appropriate amount of soy sauce, salt, and seasoning powder to continue to stir fry.

  6. Add tomato and green pepper, stir fry until the eggplant is ripe, add the raw garlic slices and stir fry twice to serve.


Add tomatoes according to personal preference. If the tomatoes are soft and sour, adding one is enough.

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