Recipe: Fried eggplant with bean paste

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried eggplant with bean paste



  1. First put ginger and cooking wine to fry the minced meat. Put it in a container

  2. Eggplant cut into strips. Into the microwave for three to five minutes. Let the eggplant soften out of the water

  3. Squeeze out the water in the eggplant

  4. Hot oil in the pot, stir fry the green onion. Put eggplant stir fry

  5. Pour the right amount of soy sauce and bean paste

  6. Stir fry for five minutes

  7. Pour in the fried minced meat and continue to stir fry

  8. Add a little sugar and chicken before the pan


Eggplant is very oily and hard to eat. Individuals do not like to fry or wrap starch. So use a microwave oven to make the eggplant soft and effluent, so that less oil can be done.

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