Recipe: Fried eggplant -- Beijing style food

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried eggplant -- Beijing style food


Alone eggplant or 笃 eggplant? I am also not sure that the Beijing-style summer dish is made from Beijing local round eggplant. I have never asked what it is called. There is a food show in Beijing. I am surprised that the original mother is doing this. Eggplant, haha, there is still a reason to say that it is improved. The authentic way of eggplant should be placed in a ventilated and sunny place to dry the skin and wrinkles. It is also the use of soy beans, but my old man has a gout, smart and virtuous, hemp The characteristics of the edamame in the season should be simple: use less oil (the eggplant practice is less oily and can be considered a good one) Super meal ~~ (In fact, Beijing people are heavy taste haha)



  1. Round eggplant diced 2cm*2cm (authentic pay attention to the cutting knife block each piece with skin)

  2. Put the eggplant in the pot, pour the water, don't overdo it, don't overdo it (the eggplant will float a little)

  3. Put a large amount of oil and boil. Put a proper amount of soy sauce. (Two spoons look at each eggplant. The amount of water is different.) Small half a spoonful of salt.

  4. Put the edamame (the late color green of the edamame and the eggplant together for the taste, but the color is not so beautiful)

  5. Cooking in the middle of the fire, seeing the discoloration of the eggplant, soft and rotten, open the lid and collect the juice to leave the bottom soup (bibimbap ^^)

  6. Let's start the last step of setting the onion and whitening. Let's sip the pepper oil. Okay (the pepper oil hot pot warms the pepper and scented it out. Don't wait until the black is poured from the fire)


If you use traditional soybeans, you need to cook with eggplant. It is not easy to rot.

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