Recipe: Fried egg with green onion

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried egg with green onion


I borrowed the scallion noodles, but it was not so oily~ I borrowed all kinds of fried noodles from eggs, but no materials were omitted. A simple meal for the off-duty, it is better than expected, simple and fragrant



  1. Boil the boiled water, add the following strips, add half a spoonful of salt, and let the noodles have a basic salty taste. After cooking, remove the cold water and filter it for use.

  2. Wash the shallots, cut into the hot pot, add two porcelain spoons of oil, add the shallots, simmer slowly on low heat, about 2 minutes, until the onions are flat but not yellow, there is a clear scent.

  3. Add the noodles into the oil pan, add a spoonful of soy sauce, change to medium heat, stir fry for half a minute, and let soy sauce and shallots be evenly distributed on the noodles.

  4. Finally, add the egg liquid that has been beaten, pour it on the noodles, stir fry a few times and let the eggs evenly wrap the noodles. The smell of the egg tart disappeared and the fragrance floated out.


1, green onions must be small onions, green onions please drift over ~ small onions may wish more, more fragrant ~ 2, after the egg liquid can wait for a 10 seconds to stir up, wait 10 seconds and then stir up (not to say ...) In short, don't fry too hard, too often, the face is broken, it is not good.

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