Recipe: Fried egg box

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried egg box



  1. Two eggplants, washed, the best choice for the eggplant box

  2. Meat stuffing, onion ginger

  3. The ratio of starch to flour is two to one, beat an egg, add water and salt, stir well

  4. Cut the eggplant into thick slices, and take a knife in the middle of each piece. Do not cut it.

  5. Add salt to the meat, pepper noodles, soy sauce and evenly, sandwiched in eggplant

  6. Add the oil to the pan and heat it. Put each egg in the batter and hang it in a batter. Then fry in the pan and fry until golden on both sides. The eggplant is soft and remove the drain.


1. The egg paste should be adjusted to dryness and moderateness. The paste should not be too thin. Otherwise, the eggplant cannot be wrapped, and the filling is easy. 2. Master the oil temperature when frying, the oil temperature is too high, the cut out is because the fire is black, the oil temperature is too low, the eggplant box will be immersed in oil, and the eggplant is a vegetable that loves to suck oil. 3. The filling should be adjusted to the taste, and the batter should be added with salt. Adding salt is to make the batter more delicious.

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