Recipe: Fried edamame

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried edamame


The fresh edamame is on the market, and the green and green ones are really addictive. I don’t repeat the well-known nutritional value. This dish is very simple, very suitable for the work of the family, bought the peeled edamame, went home to find some red pepper stir-fried, the old meal. The only pity is that this is not a local edamame, and the edamame is not heavy.



  1. Edamame, red pepper wash

  2. Garlic chopping

  3. Oil pan, edamame, garlic greasy

  4. Wait until the edamame is discolored, lower the soup or water, and cover the rotten spots.

  5. Seasoning, put some soy sauce, salt, chicken, red pepper

  6. Stir well and start the pan.

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