Recipe: Fried dumpling sandwich

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried dumpling sandwich


I didn’t have a good introduction, it’s delicious.



  1. Two or a piece of bread you like.

  2. Dumplings can also choose a variety of fillings. I use corn stuffing.

  3. Heat the pot with a small amount of oil and put a little oil into the dumplings and fry until the bottom is golden. Add the appropriate amount of water (higher than the bottom of the dumplings). Add the lid to the fire and boil. Turn to low heat until the water is dry and sizzling. Turn off the fire.

  4. Half a spoonful of spicy oil + two spoonfuls of semi-sweet sauce + a spoonful of salad dressing + a little onion and mix well.

  5. Let the lettuce shred on the bread, put the dumplings and sprinkle with the sauce and sprinkle with white sesame seeds.


The spoon is 5ml. As for which sauce, which sauce is less, you can adjust it by yourself. Is it because you think the mouth may not open enough to bite down? Don't be afraid to panic! Don't be confused by the picture of this little goblin to eat, please use the slap on the sides of the bread to force the middle of a folder to clamp the dumplings, you can bite.

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