Recipe: Fried duck liver

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried duck liver


Super delicious "fried duck liver", parents grasped and started to work with me! ! ! Gourmet everyone to share.



  1. Wash the duck liver, cook it on the pot with water, don't cook for too long [so the duck liver will not be too old, it will be tender to eat, if you want to eat the old, cook it for a long time]

  2. Slice the cooked duck liver [Do not cut too thin, so that the duck liver will not be fried]

  3. Pour the right amount of oil into the pot, add the ginger and garlic into the pan and stir fry, then add the bean paste and a spoonful of sugar to saute. When you smell the scent, put the chopped duck liver and stir fry, sprinkle a little. Pepper, and finally put the green pepper and continue to stir fry [Do not fry for too long, keep the taste of duck liver tender and tender]

  4. Put less salt before the pan, MSG can


This practice can also be used to fry chicken liver

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