Recipe: Fried duck

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried duck



  1. Garlic cloves, white pepper chopped, red dried peppers cut into sections, chives cut into sections, duck cuts and combs

  2. Take the chopped duck gizzard with salt, soy sauce, a little clear oil, and mix the raw powder.

  3. The marinated duck bream is heated and sautéed in a hot pot; (time is a few seconds)

  4. In the pot, under the remaining oil, minced garlic, white pepper, dried red pepper, stir-fry the scent, then turn the duck simmer into the pot and turn it over, add some oyster sauce, and sprinkle the chicken onion section is OK~


The effect of the duck cockroach is so unexpected. I cut the comb knife and it was fun. Hey, I didn’t expect the white film to shrink the duck owl.

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