Recipe: Fried double green (cucumber, bitter gourd)

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried double green (cucumber, bitter gourd)


Summer is here, bitter gourd and cucumber are regulars on our table... Today I will put them together and stir it! The same refreshing, not the same as reducing the bitterness of some bitter gourd.....



  1. Bitter gourd washed and sliced ​​to remove the slice; cucumber washed and sliced

  2. After the wok is hot, pour the right amount of oil. Stir fry the garlic under the heat and fry the green onion.

  3. After the bitter gourd stir fry evenly, put the appropriate amount of salt in your own taste and continue to stir it evenly.

  4. Put the cucumber slices in, add a little chicken or not. Stir fry for a while


Remember: no need to add more salt after entering the cucumber, so that bitter gourd with salty taste, cucumber with crispness!

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