Recipe: Fried cucumber sticks

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried cucumber sticks


Fast food, it takes ten minutes to prepare the vegetables.



  1. Ginger, minced, dried chili, cut off, small red pepper, cutrCucumber cutting

  2. Put the pot on a small fire. When it is slightly hot, turn it to a little oil and put it. Put the ginger pepper, dry chili, red pepper and stir fry.

  3. After smelling the scent, pour in the cucumber strip and stir fry

  4. Stir for about forty seconds, put the salt sugar and stir well, then put the beautiful fresh soy sauce, just use it to taste a little.

  5. Stir well, turn off the fire, put on the plate


Cucumber cooked fast, don't fry too long, affect the taste

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