Recipe: Fried crispy meat

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried crispy meat


In my memory, whether it is a festival or a wedding, parents will prepare fried meat or fried crisps, which is simply a classic dish on the Sichuan farm table. Fried crispy meat is a traditional food with golden color and crispy outside. The countryman calls it "oil oysters". The fried crispy meat can be eaten hot, or it can be cooled, boiled vegetable soup or served as a side dish for hot pot and soup pot. When making fried crispy meat, it is recommended that you must fry some more. It is simply wild and delicious. Although it is a non-healthy fried food, it is good to eat occasionally.



  1. Wash the pork belly, cut into small pieces, grab a little salt and 13 notes, marinate for 10 minutes.

  2. Add starch and flour to the bowl and knock on the duck egg

  3. Stir well

  4. Bring in the right amount of beer, stir until thick (pick up with chopsticks, it will flow slowly)

  5. Put the meat into the egg paste and evenly wrap it in a layer of paste.

  6. Pour the oil in the soup pot. When the medium heat is heated to 60% or 70%, the lower meat.

  7. After the shape is set, flip it to avoid uneven heating, fry to golden on both sides, and remove the oil.

  8. Finally, heat the oil pan over the fire and re-friate the fried crispy meat once.


1. Add beer to the batter, not only to lick, but also to make the food more delicious. 2. Flour and starch are used in this recipe. It is recommended that the ratio of flour to starch is 4:1. 3, the ratio of duck eggs and flour, is also very important, rather than less, a small bowl of flour is best to use 3-4 duck eggs. If the duck eggs are too small, the fried crispy skin is not strong enough. Basically, as long as the meat can be covered with a thick batter, it has a slight fluid texture, but it does not drop directly. 4, fried crispy meat and fried tenderloin have a certain difference, the meat quality is recommended to use the ratio of the back hip tip, fat and thin at 3:7, so that the fried crispy meat with gravy, the taste will be very delicious. Moreover, during the stewing process, the gravy will penetrate into the soup, which is the authentic delicious crispy meat. 5, after the crispy fried meat, can be eaten directly, can also be used for stewing, steamed vegetables, etc.; crispy meat after frying, can be placed for a longer period of time than other cooked foods, it is recommended to freeze storage, with the food.

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