Recipe: Fried crab mushroom

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried crab mushroom


Rich in nutrition



  1. The crab-flavored mushrooms are washed and washed one by one; the garlic cloves are sliced; the shallots are cut into chopped green onions (cut into small pieces).

  2. The water is boiled, and the crab-flavored mushrooms are placed in boiling water and simmered.

  3. Heat the wok, pour in the right amount of peanut oil, add the garlic slices, stir-fry the fragrant, add the crab-flavored mushrooms, stir-fry a few times, add a little water, cook for two minutes, add some amount of soy sauce, seasoning, add water, starch, thin Hey, add chopped green onion or green onion to serve the pan.


Add soy sauce and oil-flavored seasoning, so you can season without salt, so as not to be salty.

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