Recipe: Fried crab

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried crab


How to make Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs? Sue Crab Xiaobian teaches you



  1. Wash the crabs of the Su Crabs, cut them from the abdomen, cut each of them into four pieces, put them in a container, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and marinate the cooking wine;

  2. Put the egg white in the dish, add the flour, the right amount of water to make the egg white paste, wash the onion, ginger and cut into silk, cut the garlic into pieces, wash the garlic into the inch, then add the chicken soup, cooking wine, salt, vinegar, chicken, Put the onion ginger, garlic and green garlic into the dish and mix until the juice is ready for use;

  3. Put the oil in the wok and put the oil in the oil. When the oil temperature is 6--7, heat the crab crabs one by one, and put them into the pan and fry them until golden brown.

  4. Put the oil in the pot and put it into the oil. When the oil temperature is 40% hot, pour the fried crab pieces into the prepared juice, turn it evenly, and pour the sesame oil into the dish.


Su Crab House Xiaobian features: tastes tender and tender, slightly sour

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