Recipe: Fried crab

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried crab



  1. I flushed the crab, I don't dare to cut it directly, and I used it with water.

  2. Put the water in the pot and boil it. Add the crab. When the color turns red, remove it. After the cold, open the crab, remove the shell, and cut the crab in half.

  3. After the crab is ready, wrap the crab in flour.

  4. Heat up the pot, pour the oil, pour the chopped garlic ginger, ginger and pepper into the stir-fry after adding the oil, add some soy sauce, then pour the crab into the pot and fry for two or three minutes (the crab is already cooked) , so do not have to fry for a long time), add soy sauce (old pumping plus water mixed), salt, sugar, transferred to a small fire, wait for it to receive juice ok.

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