Recipe: Fried crab

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried crab


The swimming crab is a common type of crab. It has a delicious taste and delicate meat. Unlike crabs and crabs, fresh crabs have many burning methods, steamed, dried and roasted. Of course, we can also use the dry roasting method in coastal areas. Fully reflect the freshness of crab meat, friends who can't buy very fresh swimming crabs can try to eat fried, a lot of aniseed taste can cover the smell.



  1. After washing the crab, remove the simmer, cut into cubes, pour the oil into the pan and add the garlic and ginger savory. (Spicy friends can dry the pepper)

  2. Pour in the crab, stir fry, add cooking wine, soy sauce, salt

  3. After cooking, add the onion section to serve the pan.


The crab crab rice cake is also a special dish in Ningbo area. Add the rice cake and green vegetables on the basis of the above-mentioned fried crab. It is delicious.

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