Recipe: Fried crab

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried crab


When you are officially eating a crab, you can eat crabs every day! Hahahaha! Please bury me in the shuttle crab!



  1. Wash the crab, cut into pieces

  2. The oil in the pot is hot, the ginger and garlic cloves are scented, the crab is poured, the wine is poured and stir-fried, and a little soy sauce and soy sauce are added. One or two drops are enough to prevent the color from being too thick and continue to stir fry. Add a spoonful of sugar, stir fry evenly and cover for two minutes, then open the pan and juice, add a little MSG before the pot, and finally sprinkle with shallots! Turn off the fire, plate, and eat! ! !


Fried crab table with water! It has its own water drops! It’s okay to open a simmer when you are bored! I will also stir up some rice cakes and stir fry, it will become my favorite shuttle crab fried rice cake!

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