Recipe: Fried cocoon

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried cocoon


Silkworm cocoons are pure green foods with high nutritional value. Not only are the amino acid varieties complete, but also the amino acid balance necessary for 8 kinds of human nutrition. The folks have seven silkworm cocoons and one egg. They are high-grade nutritional supplements for infirm, post-ill, elderly and women. In the "Japanese Huazi Materia Medica" records the silkworm cocoon "ruling the wind and labor thin." "Medical Lin Yao" contains "and spleen and stomach, to rheumatism, Changyang Qi." Fried silkworm cocoons not only provide rich nutrients for the human body, but also have the effect of spleen and stomach and eliminate phlegm. Folks are used to treat hoarding, weight loss, spleen and stomach weakness in children. It also has the effect of eliminating fatigue and improving sexual function. Silkworm pupa is rich in protein, fat, a small amount of lecithin, cholesterol, plant sterols, vitamins, minerals. Fat is mainly composed of unsaturated fatty acids and is a high-protein nutritional product. It has the effects of tonifying qi and nourishing blood, strengthening waist and strengthening kidney, and promoting lung and intestines. Frequently eaten fried silkworm cocoons can provide rich nutrients for the human body, eliminate fatigue, and treat a variety of cardiovascular diseases, chronic hepatitis, nephritis and other diseases. Silkworm pupa is also rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which has certain curative effects on arteriosclerosis, hypertension, coronary heart disease, chronic hepatitis and nephritis. Regular food can prevent geriatric diseases and prolong the years.



  1. Wash the silkworm cocoons, boil them in a salt water pot, and remove the drain water.

  2. Put the oil in the pot and heat it, put the onion, ginger and musk, put a few times in the silkworm cocoon, add cooking wine, salt, sugar, stir fry a few times into MSG, pan into the pan


1. Silkworm cocoons are not edible and are not edible. They are not allowed to be directly mixed with salt and ready to eat. 2. Silkworm cocoons are not fresh, discolored, black, pink, numb or spicy. 3. Cocoon has odor, bad smell, and is inedible. 4. Cocoon is placed too long, cold days more than 1 week, hot days more than 20 hours, that is, not edible. 5. People with a history of food allergies such as fish and shrimp and children are not edible.

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