Recipe: Fried chili noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried chili noodles


Seeing what others have done, I changed it myself, especially delicious~ a bowl of chili. Our family can finish a meal~ It is definitely a big obstacle for girls to lose weight... I love to eat chili, but I can’t eat too spicy. Therefore, I put less chili on the noodles, sesame peanuts are placed in a lot, and people who can eat spicy can increase the amount of chili noodles~ forget the process, dictation ~



  1. Heat the oil in a hot pot, put in the peanuts, fry it until it is slightly discolored, turn off the heat, and completely discolor the pan. It will be black... drained and drained, put into the plate and let it cool.

  2. Put the chili noodles and sesame seeds in a bowl without water, add salt and stir

  3. Hot oil in the pot, the oil is hot and the fire is turned off. The hot oil is poured into the bowl with the chili noodles. Stir, stop, not too hot. Add the chicken essence and mix well. Finally, put the peanuts into the mixture and stir again.


1. My quantity is a slightly spicy amount. I can eat spicy and increase the amount of chili noodles. 2. The spoon of chili noodles and sesame seeds is a spoon for ordinary eating. Salt and chicken essence are ordinary seasoning spoons.

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