Recipe: Fried chicken with red pepper

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried chicken with red pepper


What to say is good, there is no introduction, only nice can describe Hahaha (*@ο@*) [Intermediate is my first recipe. A retelling is totally spoken.] Unfortunately, I did not give the steps. But I believe that you are very smart. !



  1. Chicken chop meat is cut according to the grain. Put the right amount of salt, pepper powder, soy sauce, stir well, put the spare red pepper next to the seeds, cut the width and the nail cover almost as long as the small thumb garlic slice

  2. Pour oil, etc. After the oil is 80% hot, pour in the chicken breast. The stir-fry color is golden yellow and then it is served. (Change the bowl, do not repeat the raw meat if you have raw meat.)

  3. (If you want to make the dishes look better, don't bother to wash the pot. If you fry the chicken, you will stick the pot.) After the oil is ripe, pour the chopped red pepper into the garlic.

  4. After the red pepper is cooked, pour in the chicken and stir-fry. Add the appropriate amount of pepper. Put the salt out when the pan is out. (Eat light, good for the body) [Looks like some people still pour the soy sauce. I think the soy sauce is not good.]

  5. Finish the pot, taste the fruits of your labor, hahaha, you are awesome!


The chicken meat will be poured into the pot and it will be simmered. Be sure to be careful and be careful. Stick to the pot. I wish you success. Hahaha

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