Recipe: Fried chicken with ginger and green onion

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried chicken with ginger and green onion


Delicious ginger and stir-fried chicken ingredients are simple and convenient



  1. After buying the materials, first wash and cut the materials, the green onions are relatively large, so generally one is enough, ginger four or five pieces, do not cut too thin, because you need to bring out the scent of ginger onions

  2. Hot pot, then pour peanut oil, do not need too much oil, because the chicken will be oily when fried, but can not be put less, or the ginger onion can not come out, and it is easy to paste when fried chicken, these depends The size of the chicken is grasped, the dosage is difficult to say. After the oil is hot, put the ginger onion and stir-fry for a while.

  3. After smelling the scent, add the chopped chicken and stir-fry the chicken. After the chicken is discolored, cover the lid, turn to the heat, and simmer for a while. After all, the chicken must be cooked to eat.

  4. After a while, the chicken will effluent, then throw a small piece of rock sugar into it and continue to lick it.

  5. Open the lid in about five minutes, put in the salt, pour the oyster sauce, stir-fry for a while, then simmer for about three or four minutes, you can serve, is it very simple, the first time to write recipes, the lack of places, A lot of inclusion! Hope to teach!


1 Remember to put enough oil. 2 Remember that every time you open the lid, remember to stir-fry the chicken, or you will paste it. If there is onion, put the onion and saute, and the onion remembers stir-fry with ginger and onion. Before putting the chicken, put the onion on the plate first, otherwise it is easy to paste, and then go down to the back before the salt is poured.

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