Recipe: Fried chicken with fungus

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried chicken with fungus


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  1. The chicken breast is diced and marinated for 15 minutes with cooking wine, soy sauce, black pepper, egg white and sesame oil.

  2. The fungus is chosen to be a small donkey, and the colored pepper is cut at will.

  3. Heat the oil and stir-fry the ginger to the scent, pour in the chicken, stir-fry quickly, to a slight golden.

  4. Pour in the fungus and stir fry a few times, then pour in the colored pepper and sprinkle with salt.

  5. Put a little sesame oil in front of the pan, turn off the fire and eat!


1, the speed of the whole dish must be fast, chicken breast can not be fried for a long time or it is easy to be old. 2, in fact, I also put some steamed fish oyster sauce, forgive me is that love that smell ~

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