Recipe: Fried chicken with chili (mother's taste)

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried chicken with chili (mother's taste)


I used to eat spicy chicken at home. After I moved to Wenzhou, I missed the spicy chicken that my mother burned. I can only do it myself.



  1. Wash the chicken and cut into cubes, stir-fry in the pot, the chicken will have a lot of water, the water will be poured out, and then fry until the water is not fried, and the chicken is ready for use.

  2. Take a clean pot, heat it and pour the oil. After the oil is 80% hot, put ginger, green onion, garlic cloves, fragrant leaves, pepper, stir-fry the sauté. Pour the chicken pieces before frying the water, stir fry for a while, release the soy sauce. , soy sauce, cooking wine, sugar, oyster sauce, stir-fry for a while, pour boiling water, boiled water without chicken, turn to medium heat for 20 minutes, (if you buy chicken is old cock, then add a lot of water, Stewed for a little longer.)

  3. When cooking, observe the amount of water. Do not burn the pot. If the water is not burning, the chicken has not reached the level of rotten you want, then add some boiled water for a while. When there is a small amount of water in the pot, put the pepper (very spicy green pepper) and you can't eat spicy pepper. ????

  4. After putting in the green pepper, stir fry a few times, and then you can turn off the fire after you can clearly smell the green pepper. Put on the plate and eat. ????

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