Recipe: Fried chicken with artemisia

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried chicken with artemisia


Today, the wind in Beijing is very big. Yesterday's wind is also very big. I don't know what kind of wind will be blown tomorrow. Anyway, Beijing is windy every day. I have been in Beijing for more than a year, and I am still not used to it. I don't like the feeling that the spring wind is blowing on the sand and blowing on the face. I don't like the summer dry heat. I can put people's oil out, but I don't sweat. I don't like the dryness of autumn. I don't like the cold of winter. I don't know what. I can only go back to Shanghai. And I can't go back now. So, choose to come to Beijing with two words: "repent"! I learned to cook a red house today. When I was eating with my boss yesterday, the boss asked me if I had any innovative dishes recently. In fact, most of the dishes I have cooked are learned from others. I have not learned to innovate myself, so I left the kitchen. The standard is still far away. It doesn't matter, start with imitation. Original quote: Sixty-first, "Last day Chunyan said, Qingwen sister wants to eat artemisia rods, how are you busy asking for meat fried chicken? Chunyan said that it is not good, another called you to fry a gluten, less Oil is good."



  1. The artemisia stalks are washed with water, the leaves are removed, only the stems are kept, and then cut into 5 cm long sections with a knife.

  2. Wash the chicken, dry the surface with a kitchen towel, and cut into 5cm long filaments.

  3. Add the cooking wine, egg white, water starch and salt to the chicken shredded pork, mix and marinate for 10 minutes.

  4. Dry the clams in a small bowl, soak them in warm water until the start (about 20 minutes), drain the water

  5. Put a proper amount of hot water in the soup pot. After the fire is boiled, put the small portion of the rod of the artemisia in the wok for 30 seconds, remove the drained water and use it.

  6. Heat the oil in the wok in the middle of the fire. When the heat is 70% hot (put the palm of the hand above the wok, you can feel the obvious heat rise), put the chicken shreds in the stir fry until cooked.

  7. Finally, put the small portion of the artemisia stalk and the sputum of the scented hair, and mix in the salt and stir well.


Although the leaves of the artemisia stalk can be mixed into the dish, it is very easy to turn black after being heated, which affects the color of the dish. The selected leaves of Artemisia argyi can be used separately for cooking. (Because I was afraid of blackening the dish, I chose the leaves. It’s really hard for a person to choose a long time there.)

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