Recipe: Fried chicken wings with pesto rice noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried chicken wings with pesto rice noodles


As soon as you go down, the outer grain is crispy, the tender chicken wings inside, and the smell of rice noodles chewed with wood! And the garlic scent that I love so much!



  1. Homemade rice noodles

  2. Rice fried in a pan

  3. First stir fry for about 30 seconds, then turn to medium and small fire and stir fry

  4. Until the rice turns golden

  5. Into the cooking machine into rice noodles

  6. It is recommended to play a little thicker

  7. Chicken wings treatment

  8. Chicken wing washed scalpel, seasoning wine, soy sauce, pickled sauce

  9. Take a proper amount of rice flour, a little garlic powder

  10. Mix well

  11. Put a little oil in the pot

  12. The chicken wings are simmered until they are discolored to a discoloration.

  13. Put a little cooking wine

  14. Cover the lid and cook

  15. To the juice, the chicken wings are fully cooked

  16. Put rice flour garlic powder

  17. Constantly stir fry

  18. Put a little black pepper powder

  19. Sprinkle some parsley

  20. Slightly stir fry

  21. Squeeze lemon juice before the pan


1. When I am grinding rice, I like to grind a little, so I can eat a grain of rice flour. 2, this time pickled chicken wings, I am lazy, put a little bit of spicy sauce, soy sauce, you can put it on the oil, you can see that you have a sauce on your hand. 3, fried chicken wings first fire, then simmer until the chicken wings are ripe, micro-focus, more fragrant 4, put some lemon juice, to greasy

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