Recipe: Fried chicken legs with pepper

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried chicken legs with pepper



  1. Wash the chicken legs and cut into small pieces.

  2. Pickled peppers to the head, seeds, cut into small diamonds

  3. Cut the onion into the end, ginger and cut into silk

  4. Open fire, put oil, add chopped green onion, ginger, stir-fry

  5. Put in chicken pieces that are cut into small pieces.

  6. Cover the lid, lick for a while

  7. Add white wine or cooking wine, continue to stir fry

  8. After the chicken legs are slightly smaller, add soy sauce and soy sauce.

  9. After the chicken legs are colored, put in the pepper and stir fry

  10. After a little stir fry, the pepper is slightly colored. At this time, put the chicken powder, the salt, the soy sauce.

  11. Delicious spicy pepper stir-fried chicken legs are out of the pot~


When you are dealing with chicken legs, stir fry for a while to prevent the chicken legs from being cooked outside.  When picking peppers, if you don't want to eat spicy peppers, you can pick the stems on the head of the peppers when you choose them. The peppers will not be very spicy.

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