Recipe: Fried chicken leg

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried chicken leg



  1. Preparation: Chicken legs are cut into small pieces, about the size of a bite. Sliced ​​garlic, ginger, and small onions. Caraway cut into small pieces, about 3cm.

  2. Marinated chicken: chicken-controlled dry water, it is best to use kitchen paper to suck ~ mix salt, sugar, raw meal, soy sauce, peanut oil, oyster sauce and chicken, marinate for 30 minutes

  3. Put the garlic, ginger and small onions into the pot and stir-fry. Smell the scent and then add the oil. Continue to stir-fry.

  4. Put the chicken, simmer until golden, turn over and continue to fry...

  5. Fry to two sides of golden, sprinkle a small glass of water, about 15 ml, cover the lid boring ~

  6. 焖 3 minutes, add the parsley and mix well, you can cook

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