Recipe: Fried chicken hearts with garlic sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried chicken hearts with garlic sauce



  1. Cut the heart of the chicken along the middle and rinse the blood with clean water.

  2. Wash the cleaned chicken heart with water until it is cooked for 9 minutes.

  3. Put the appropriate amount of oil in the pan and put the chopped green onion in the pan when the oil temperature is right.

  4. Put the appropriate amount of garlic sauce, stir-fry for a while and then add the chicken heart.

  5. Put salt according to your taste and go out.


1. I don't like the blood in my heart, I feel a little embarrassed. Everyone can change the heart according to their own taste. 2. The garlic sauce itself has a salty taste. Pay attention when you put salt. A little bit is enough. 3. The heart of the chicken has a barbecue taste and is more convenient than a barbecue. 4. The picture quality is not good, and I did not take the step map, everyone forgive me.

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