Recipe: Fried chicken chops

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried chicken chops


I didn't like to eat chicken breasts before, I always felt that the firewood was dry, but I accidentally tried to subvert my world view! Even simple and rude chicken breasts can be so savory, tender and juicy!



  1. Spread the chicken breasts halfway, evenly apply a little salt and pepper, then pour a little cooking wine and a little starch. Marinate for 30 hours or longer.

  2. Pour a little olive oil into the hot pot (for healthier, less oil), put the marinated chicken breast on the top of the pot and feel it hot. Face, both sides are fried yellow is almost the same, or use chopsticks to fork the thickest place, feel tight, you can go out.


- The best cut of the chicken breast, because a complete chicken breast is really too big and too thick! Cut into two halves, you can make the chicken breast thinner, easier to cook, and easier to taste. - Putting starch can lock the juice and fry a thin layer of coke. You will not dry the chicken breasts.

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