Recipe: Fried chicken chops

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried chicken chops



  1. Wash the chicken breast, soften the meat with a knife back, sprinkle with black pepper and salt for 10 minutes.

  2. Put the vegetables in water, add the oil and salt, and remove them after cooking. The vegetables I chose this time are green beans. The green beans must be cooked before they can be eaten.

  3. Put the olive oil in the pan and add the marinated chicken breasts until the oil is hot.

  4. Pan-fried to double-sided fried golden, this step needs to slowly fry.

  5. After the chicken is cooked, pour a little soy sauce and simmer for 1 minute.

  6. Add a small amount of lemon juice after the juice is collected, then turn off the heat and put the fried chicken chops into the dish.

  7. Finally, put the previously cooked green beans in a frying pan that has just been fried in chicken and stir-fry it.


Chicken meat needs to be patience and slowly fried until it is fully cooked. Lemon juice can increase the flavor and tenderness of the chicken.

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