Recipe: Fried chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried chicken


As early as many years ago, in 2007, when I went to Jinan to participate in the Provincial Experimental High School Provincial Admissions Examination, the examination time was very tight. At noon, my parents booked nearby restaurants to order good food. I took me out of the examination room. I remember that the dishes were delicious on the day~ the abalone of abalone rice is very big. There is also a fish fillet that is tender. Then there is the small fried chicken. The chicken chop in the store is chopped, and the pepper used is the kind of slender similar to the two vitex? In short, it is very appetizing. I liked chickens before, but I have never eaten this. After returning, my mother played a bit, changed it to become a homemade version of the fried chicken, the home-made version of the pepper can also eat and very delicious. Later, during the summer vacation of 2013, I worked on a project in Salt Lake City. After eating a canteen for a month, I finally couldn’t stand it. I also had an apartment and some kitchen utensils, and occasionally I did it myself. At that time, I was serious. Sometimes I came back late at night. After 7 o'clock in the cafeteria, I had to do it myself. Chicken fried rice noodles, fried chicken, and I started cooking myself. Many friends have eaten this. The time has passed for a long time, and many things have been lost, but this taste has not changed.



  1. Cut the peppers, wash the chicken chop, cut the long strips, cut into thin and stir-fry until they can not chew, ginger shredded

  2. Heat the wok, add oil, ginger and pepper, add in season, saute

  3. First, add the chicken, add the pepper, stir fry, add a little white pepper, pepper powder, etc.

  4. Chicken gizzards are discolored, semi-ripe, add cooking wine and soy sauce (if both soy sauce and soy sauce are added), do not add too much liquid seasoning at one time, keep frying, not boil. When it is fully cooked, it can be served in a pan when there is a small amount of juice. Don't drain the juice, the bibimbap is delicious.


The fire is the key to the fire, as long as the simple spices of ginger, pepper and soy sauce are delicious. After preparing the ingredients, the stir-fry is very fast. When I cook the table, the last dish is usually the last dish. The chicken is cut and slender, cut and shredded, and tastes good, but if it is too broken, it will not be easy to clip. I will try to cut the slender, sometimes a little bit between the two pieces. It is best to cut the chicken when it is half-frozen.

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