Recipe: Fried chayote

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried chayote


Chayote is very fragrant, just need a little dried chili and pepper to be fried together will be delicious.



  1. Wash the chayote first, peel it, split it in half, discard the nucleus, and then slice the melon.

  2. Heat the pan over low heat, pour the oil into the pan, heat the oil, and add the dried chili and pepper.

  3. Turn into a big fire, put the chayote into the pot, stir fry, add salt, and you can start the pot in about 4 minutes.


Because the chayote contains collagen, it will stick to the hands and it will be difficult to remove. When peeling, it is best to wear gloves or rinse off the skin with water, which will prevent the annoying mucus from sticking to your hands.

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