Recipe: Fried celery with shrimp and meatballs

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried celery with shrimp and meatballs


Fried celery and fresh shrimp balls, the signature dishes of Qingdao Liangyou Hotel. I think this is indeed one of the best dishes in the store. The celery is fragrant, the shrimps are b-bombs, and the eyebrows are fresh.



  1. Celery cut small Ding, onion ginger and minced. Pork and shrimp are mashed into mud, and all the ingredients except garlic and balsamic vinegar are added, and the ingredients are whipped clockwise.

  2. Heat the oil in a pot, use the tiger's mouth to form a ball, and fry in the pan. Wait for the balls to float up. Garlic, sesame oil, balsamic vinegar into a small material, eat while eating. You can also use salt and pepper.

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