Recipe: Fried celery with potatoes

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried celery with potatoes


Since the autumn vegetables, almost all of them have cabbage, potatoes and radishes. In the northeast, as soon as you enter the winter, every family is the protagonist of these dishes. In turn, tune in the past. Other dishes are still eaten all the time, but in the eyes of the Northeast, the autumn vegetables have the emotion of being able to leave, and it is inseparable.



  1. Peel the potatoes and cut them into thin strips, soak them in clear water for ten minutes; cut the celery into small pieces and cut the garlic into small pieces.

  2. Pour a little oil in the wok, first put celery and saute, add pepper powder

  3. After the celery is discolored, put the potatoes and stir-fry. Turn to the medium heat and stir fry. Add salt and chicken seasoning to serve.


1. The tender celery does not need to be simmered in water. 2. When frying potatoes, the time is not easy to be too long. When you fry, you can taste whether it is cooked or soft.

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