Recipe: Fried celery with cashew nuts and shrimp

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried celery with cashew nuts and shrimp


Celery has high nutritional value. It contains aromatic oil, VP and multivitamins. It has the functions of promoting appetite, lowering blood pressure, brain, clearing the intestines, detoxifying and reducing swelling, and promoting blood circulation. At the same time, because of its high iron content, it can play a role in blood and other functions. It is a good partner for female friends. Whether it is raw or fried, it is a good healthy food!



  1. Shrimp to the sand line, cut into the depth of about half with a knife, gently grab the salt with your hand, rinse with water after the water is discharged, use kitchen paper to wipe off the water, add salt, cooking wine, raw powder, in one direction Stir to the top and marinate for a while

  2. The celery is slashed into small pieces, cooked with boiling water and oil, and taken out too cold.

  3. Add water, a little salt, and ginger slices to the boil. Boil the marinated shrimps and remove them in cold water. If there is better ice water, the shrimp will be whiter.

  4. Put the hot pot into the oil, and the small fire will slowly boil the cashews into golden yellow.

  5. Under the pot, the ginger is scented, and the celery, shrimp, and cashew nuts are evenly mixed. Add salt and pepper, stir fry evenly, knead the simmer, pour a small amount of sesame oil and stir fry the pan.


1. Shrimp is more healthy than slipping with oil; 2, celery with water and then stir fry will reduce the absorption of oil.

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