Recipe: Fried celery with cashew nuts

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried celery with cashew nuts


Refreshing and delicious quick-food. There are nuts, there are coarse grains, and there are proteins. Nutrition and delicious. In order to participate in the activities of LEE Weekly, #我给春春做菜#, I am also quite a fight. Only food and love can't live up to. Love spring, love life.



  1. Add salt to the chicken, a little cooking wine, soy sauce, and marinate for 10 minutes.

  2. Celery squirting. Beveled into pieces for later use.

  3. Put the oil in the pan, stir the cashew nuts in the pan, and when it is golden, remove it. Remember to fry the oil in a low heat, otherwise it will be easy to paste.

  4. The remaining oil is used to fry the chicken. Shovel out after discoloration.

  5. Put the celery in the pot, add a little water, and stir fry quickly. Pour in the chicken and add salt. Finally, pour the cashew nuts and fry them twice to serve.


1. The celery is silky, otherwise the fiber is too thick and affects the taste. 2. Cashew nuts must be fried with cold oil. Otherwise it will turn black carbon in minutes. 3. Chicken diced and marinated, has a taste, add salt when appropriate. 4. Cashew nuts are added when they are out of the pan, which keeps them crisp. 5. The celery is easy to cook, the chicken and cashew are cooked, so don't fry for too long. So as not to affect the color of the celery.

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