Recipe: Fried carrots with carrots

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried carrots with carrots


[Sweet Vegetables Stir-Fry Series] One of the carrots and the peas is crispy and sweet. The color is red and green. It is also very nice to look at. It doesn't need too much seasoning, it is refreshing and delicious. It is a simple and quick spring salad~



  1. Carrots are washed and sliced, and the peas are washed and removed.

  2. Hot pot, pour a little oil, stir fry the carrot and peas together, add a little soy sauce, sprinkle some water, continue to stir fry, wait until the peas are fried until the oil is bright, add some chicken, add the right amount of salt to the pan .

  3. Plate with white sesame decoration

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