Recipe: Fried carrot

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried carrot


It’s not a matter of saving the recipe. Recently, the family unanimously agreed to replace the original 70% amaranth with 30% of the vegetables. The fried carrots are very popular at the table, even for two days...



  1. Carrot peeling (optional), shredded spare; small chives cut into pieces;

  2. Pour the carrot into the pan, stir fry until soft, add salt and sugar, add 1 tablespoon of water, boil a little juice, add the onion and stir fry to the pan.


This season is to enjoy fresh vegetables and wild vegetables; carrots are fat-soluble vegetables, hot oil stir fry is more conducive to the precipitation of its nutrients; carrots with higher vitamin A content, eat more good for the eyes, it is recommended to eat 1 to 2 a week Times.

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