Recipe: Fried Cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried Cake


The fried cake is the early breakfast that I used to eat when I was a child. The golden color, the crispy shell, the sweet sugar filling, and a fried cake every day before school, I feel very sweet this day!  The fried rice has a soft taste in the skin of the glutinous rice. When it is fried, it will swell slightly, and it will not harden when bitten. If you use the ordinary flour to do it, it will feel harder after being fried. Although it is very crispy when you bite it, there is no such thing as "succulent quality".



  1. Mix the glutinous rice flour and the flour evenly, and pour it with chopsticks while pouring into the boiling water until the flour is agglomerated and then hand-picked until the dough is smooth and ready for use.

  2. Mix the brown sugar and white sugar evenly, apply a thin layer of oil on both hands, remove the dough on the chopping board, mix evenly, divide the dough into 4-5 cm long, and knead it into a dough by hand, wrap it with sugar, and pinch it at the seal. Close tightly and gently press into a small cake

  3. Add oil to the pan and heat it to 30%. Add the cake to the egg and slowly fry until golden. The fried cake can be fished out.


Use boiling water and noodles to make the dough softer. This type of pasta does not hurt the stomach. After the dough is well, it will be very sticky because it adds glutinous rice, so the hands must be stained with cooking oil before filling. The fried cake with brown sugar filling is the easiest and best to eat. The hot filling will flow out instantly and it is very enjoyable to eat! You can also change the red bean paste, jujube and other stuffing according to your own preferences, and the taste is not bad! After wrapping the filling, the dough should be pinched as much as possible. Do not reveal the filling. If there is brown sugar in the process of boiling, the oil will rise to a dark after the oil temperature rises. Not only the fried cake is not good, but the oil can no longer be used. ; Glutinous rice noodles, we still have to eat hot, if you have leftover, use a microwave oven or steamer to heat it again, do not eat cold, bite is the second key is very hurt stomach!

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